by Margreeth Olsthoorn

  • Fashion deserves to be taken seriously, warts and all, and celebrated for its beauty creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Clothes say something to the world about who you are; they are visual indicators of the private decisions we make every morning when we choose what to wear the day. It is an opportunity for display, creativity and individuality.
  • Fashion is the most immediate and intimate form of self-expression.
  • A collection can bears evidence of the designer by understanding of a textile’s ability to embody a garment, give strength to a fragile frame or shape a wearer.
  • Being in a store: can be a pleasurable experience in many many many ways that online shopping can not rival.
  • A new garment made by a good fashion designer can be wearing like a second skin and will still look current some five or ten years after it first appeared.
 -Frances Corner